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Chloe18 Part01 Chloe18 Part01

Rated 4 / 5 stars

i really do enjoy your game but i'm having the same problem as kkc36. after meeting with the black dude, the options in the girls bathroom are only for the sexy contest and talk to beth. i'm at a dead end.

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Krupinkin - Epic Intro 2 Krupinkin - Epic Intro 2

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Respect 5/5 vote. if this is all original from the plugins you've obtained, then kudos man. You mix/mastered it well. the hi end was a little too much for me but maybe it was my headphones :D The piano intro was what peaked my curiosity, then the cymbals trilling into the drum pattern is what caught my attention. the strings/bass strings for the mid freq's were FANTASTIC! only thing (like i said, maybe my headphones) that was out of norm were the cymbals. they hurt my ears!, but 5/5 review mate. keep it up!

Krupinkin responds:

Well, I have problems with mastering. I hear that smth is wrong but when trying to fix it I loose it :(

Azazal - Pounce Azazal - Pounce

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

first of all the high end is, well, way too high. you could restrict it a little (and with the quality of the track i'm sure you know how) throw some mid in there, and turn down the high end. the low end is awesomely perfect. the vocal sample and synth you used for the highs are awesome so no complaints when it comes to the synthesizer. just mixing is all (maybe it's my headphones :D) overall 5/5 voted 4.5/5 review dude

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AzazalEDM responds:

Definitely not just your headphones! I remember realizing this issue too after release. Thank you!

Riff Me Riff Me

Rated 4 / 5 stars

1. i could hear all freq's with my headphones
2. the pattern you used for your synth melody is definitely chaotic (except from 01:00-01:33)
3. even though i could hear all freq's, the kick drum you have drowns out the low freq's from the synth you used at about 01:46
4. overall though, the song is KISS (Keep It Stupid simple) which is great. The key signature matches. the bass, alto, tenor, and saprano is fine, but you just need to keep an eye on the frequencies that are going on through the track then mix it well. keep it up :D

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The-Cockenator responds:

Thank you and yes after a long session i always end up upping the bassdrum that is maybe cus my hears get tired and i am trying to keep the groove thank you again :)